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        Groundbreaking innovative (hybrid) Controllable Pitch Propulsion system.

        Controllable Pitch (Hybrid) Propulsion

        This (H)CPP replaces the previous generations of variable pitch drive systems. The system has been redeveloped from scratch to meet the current needs of hybrid ships. This is also accompanied by a greatly improved regeneration efficiency for ships generating energy. The (H)CPP is also ideal for non-hybrid vessels due to improved propulsion efficiency and the fully electric pitch control unit.

        • Hybrid ready
        • Regeneration efficiency has been improved by up to 2.5 times compared to every other system available to date
        • Feathering mode
        • Electrical Pitch Actuation Unit
        • Improved propulsion efficiency
        • Including advanced control system

        1 HYBRID READY

        The (H) CPP system is designed to be integrated with any possible hybrid system configuration.


        Thanks to the blade design and the wide variation in the angle of variation, phenomenal energy recovery figures are guaranteed. Up to 2.5 times energy recovery compared to any other product on the market.


        In feathering mode, the pitch angle of the propeller blade is in line with the centre line of the vessel. In this mode minimal frontal area; and thus drag, is obtained.


        The Pitch Actuation Unit (PAU) is powered by a stepper motor (no hydraulics required). This results in quite, fast and very accurate pitch-adjustments. PAU delivered with built in thrust-bearing.


        CPP propeller blades are custom designed for each project to optimize propulsion efficiency, regeneration and comfort.


        The (H)CPP comes with an advanced control system for (H)CPP, Engine, Gearbox and Interface for third party hybrid equipment.


        Technical Specifications

        Currently the (H)CPP range is currently under development. The specifications of the range will be published as soon as it’s available.

        At this time a product range is available for a power range of 250 up till 1250 kW. Specifications are available upon request.

        As a yacht owner, you are looking for the best construction partners to contribute to your yachting experience. Ship Motion therefore provides unique services and gives you complete peace of mind at every stage of your project. You can expect excellent advice, detailed design and engineering, the highest quality products, excellent installation and adequate maintenance and after-sales service throughout the life of the vessel. Ship Motion provides the ultimate experience.