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        High end customized Fixed Pitch Propulsion System

        The Ship Motion Fixed Pitch Propulsion System is based on a modular design. The system can be reconfigured from a simple conventional propulsion till the most advanced possible system with custom propellers, water cooled (split) thrust bearings, flexible couplings and many more features. All components are in house designed and meet the highest standards in yachting industry and meet rules and regulations of all classification societies.

        In the early design stage of the vessel Ship Motion delivers design support for seamless integration with the yachts, keeping in mind the demanding levels of noise and vibrations.

        After production our dedicated service team will install the systems on-sight, for perfect implementation of the system.

        1 MODULAR

        The Fixed Pitch Propulsion System is build up from modular components. All these components are carefully designed to interact with each other to create the ultimate propulsions system.
        Customization of the modular system will take place where required.


        Due the modular nature, Ship Motion is very price competitive comparing to the custom systems on the market. This without compromising on quality of functionality.

        3 DESIGNS

        The in-house design team will take care about all design aspects of the Fixed Pitch Propulsion System.
        Computed Fluid Dynamics for tunnel and strut optimization, propeller design, mechanical engineering, finite element, torsional and lateral vibration analysis, all disciplines are in-house to design your propulsion system.


        All our Fixed Pitch Propulsion Systems will be quoted with an optional installation service. Specially trained service engineers will offer the worldwide installation service so the systems are implemented according design.

        5 WARRANTY

        Standard included 12 months warranty. The installation service comes with extended warranty terms on top of the 24 months standard warranty.


        Technical Specifications


        Type P/n [kw/rpm] (1) Max. Prop diameter [mm]
        FPP70 1,390 980
        FPP80 2,075 1120
        FPP90 2,955 1260
        FPP100 4,053 1400
        FPP110 5,395 1540
        FPP120 7,004 1680
        FPP130 8,905 1820
        FPP140 11,122 1960
        FPP150 13,680 2100
        FPP160 16,600 2240
        FPP170 19,912 2380
        FPP180 23,636 2520
        FPP190 27,800 2660
        FPP200 32,425 2800

        (1) Based on Lloyds Special Service Craft rules and regulations.

        As a vessel owner, you are looking for the best construction and service partners. Ship Motion therefore provides unique services and gives you complete peace of mind at every stage of your project. You can expect excellent advice, detailed design and engineering, the highest quality products, excellent installation and adequate maintenance and after-sales service throughout the life of the vessel.
        Ship Motion for optimum customer care.