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3316 LC Dordrecht
The Netherlands


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        Escape with family and friends, cruise in style and experience true freedom. The adventure of a lifetime awaits on board your motor yacht.

        Your yacht means quality time together in a private environment, enjoy luxury and comfort whether you cruising the seas around the world, or enjoy an anchorage at a leisurely pace. That’s the yachting lifestyle what makes no compromises.

        Ship Motion provide for motor yachts a wide variation of propulsion options, from fixed pitch propulsion, to controllable pitch propellers (CPP) always customised for your unique needs. Furthermore a Gyro stabilizers range what stabilize your vessel at anchor and underway. All product and are known as the most advanced with highest available quality level.

        Veem Gyro Stabilizer

        Fixed Pitch Propulsion systems

        Controllable Pitch (Hybrid) Propulsion

        Thrust bearing

        Flexible Link Coupling

        Rudder systems

        Custom propellers

        Veem propellers


        As a yacht owner, you are looking for the best construction partners to add to your yachting experience. Ship Motion therefore provides unique services and gives you complete peace of mind at every stage of your project. You can expect excellent advice, detailed design and engineering, the highest quality products, excellent installation and adequate maintenance and after-sales service throughout the life of the vessel.
        Ship Motion provides the ultimate yachting experience!