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Damen FCS5009

  • 53,25m Vessel
  • Fast crew supplier vessel
  • 2 x VG260SD Unit Installation



VEEM Gyrostabilizers take marine access on Damen FCS 5009 to the next level

At the end of June, Damen Shipyards Group collaborated with VEEM to take marine access to the next level.

The benefits of the partnership went on display to the maritime industry at a recent event staged by Damen in cooperation with VEEM and Ampelmann Operations where the VEEM Gyro delivered the specified roll reduction.

Damen’s David Stibbe observed; “One of the many interesting features of the event was demonstrating the gyro stabilizers being switched on and off at the push of a button. This enabled guests to appreciate the positive effect they have on the vessel’s roll motion.

“The benefits that the stabilizers offer for both comfort and safety are already being applied to the designs for the next generation of Damen Fast Crew Suppliers,” he continued. “Our new FCS 7011 will feature the larger VEEM VG1000SD unit, which will achieve a roll reduction of up to 70% in 2.5m significant wave heights.”