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The VG120SD gyro stabilizer ensure spectacular roll reduction and therefore enlarge the operation envelope of your vessel.


The powerful VEEM Gyro 120SD is the most advanced stabilizer available for smaller super yachts and small commercial work boats. As a single unit installation, it is suitable for vessels with displacement between 50 – 130 tonnes but multiple units can be installed for larger vessels.

  • Stabilizing Torque of 120 [KN.m]
  • Angular Momentum of 50 [KN.m]
  • Natural procession or optional active precession drive.
  • Very Quiet max 57 db while running

VG120SD Technical Specifications


Rated Stabilizing Torque 120 [kN.m]
Angular Momentum 52 [k.N.m.s]
Mass 2700kg
Power 11–16 ekW (3-phase) (2-phase optional)
Length 1.63m
Width 1.56m
Height 1.15m
Rated RPM 4800
Cooling Water 30 – 60 [lpm]
Noise Running 57 dBA

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