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        LESS MOTION MORE OCEAN, The highest quality of comfort

        Welcome to a new era of superyacht stabilization
        Let us show you how you can be more comfortable

        Being aboard a superyacht should be an enjoyable experience from the moment you arrive to the second you step back onto dry land. Regardless of whether you are at anchor or underway, the comfort of you and your guests is always important.

        Wave motion is one of the few external forces which has the capacity to negatively impact your time on board, regardless of the size of vessel. What’s more, even the most sheltered harbours can suffer from unpleasant wave induced motion, causing discomfort and seasickness in many.

        After many years of research and development we are delighted to be able to offer our customers the opportunity to enjoy the significant improvements in roll stabilization that the new VEEM Gyros provide. Reflecting our unwavering passion for beautiful design and representing a combination of both engineering and manufacturing excellence, the new range offers a genuine step change in performance compared to existing systems and is truly a class-leading series of products.

        More Locations …

        Some of the world’s most incredible, unspoilt locations are only accessible by boat, while others are simply more impressive when viewed from the water. Some are found in tranquil inlets and coves, whereas others can be more exposed to waves and strong currents. VEEM Gyros let you open up your anchorage options by eliminating annoying rolling motion, enabling you and your guests to focus on enjoying the idyllic surroundings.

        More days of the year…

        Letting poor sea conditions affect your comfort on board is now a thing of the past. With a VEEM Gyro installed you are able to relax with your family for more months of the year – extending your season and increasing a vessel’s potential charter revenue.

        More adventure …

         VEEM Gyro gives you the freedom to explore every corner of the globe in total comfort and free from annoying rolling motion. With a VEEM Gyro installation, being limited to common sailing routes and destinations is a thing of the past. You can now seek out those incredible, remote or exposed locations – safe in the knowledge that wherever you find anchorage, your adventure will be free from excessive rolling motion. Explore, experience and discover…comfortably.

        More peace of mind…

         Some of the most popular activities while on a super yacht involve enjoying the water around the vessel. Whether swimming, snorkelling or diving around the boat, whilst in the water the safety of your guests must be assured. This is especially important if the yacht is available for charter. Unlike zero speed fin systems, with VEEM Gyro stabilization, the entire system is located within the yacht, with no large external appendages posing a potential danger to swimmers, divers or marine life in the vicinity. 


        Veem Gyros provide significantly higher stabilizing torque and angular momentum than any other stabilization product in the market.


        Veem Gyros generate 57 dBA on some models, resetting the sound level benchmark for gyro stabilizers. This opens up a variety of mounting options including outside the engine room.


        Veem Gyros have achieved roll stabilization at 40 knots. They are built to withstand the roughest conditions thanks to high pressure hydraulics, longer bearing life and self-regulating software.


        Veem Gyros are fully maintained inside the vessel meaning no dry-docking for maintenance ever. Long-life bearings means maintenance costs will be significantly reduced.


        Long life bearings (12,000 – 60,000 hours) and other components mean that your boat will withstand rough conditions and perform perfectly for much longer than other stabilization options.


        Unlike external stabilization options, VEEM Gyros reduce fuel burn and allow for increased maximum speed.


        VEEM Gyro Stabilizer Models

        Explore the Veem Gyro Series by clicking on the models below





        Ship Motion Group as partner for your Gyro stabilizer

        From the very beginning Ship Motion Group is closely involved during the development of the Veem Gyro stabilizers. And therefore proud partner of Veem ltd. Thanks to this espertise and specific knowledge of the markets, Ship Motion Group is able to answer any customer request and their technical complexities. In addition to the advisory role, installation service during new-build or refit, Ship Motion Group is a Veem authorized service center. We take care of all your requests during the entire lifetime of the vessel all around the globe.