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Vision of Ship Motion Design


Ship Motion Design is focusing on custom motion-related products and systems for your yacht or commercial vessel.

We believe that every part of the ship should work together, that is why we focus on the total performance of the ship.
With that in mind we propose and design the ultimate solution in propulsion, rudders and stabilization systems.

For optimum performance we also offer additional services including hull optimisation using CFD-calculations on drag and resistance.
With that we suggest improvements on the hull for better performance.
We are highly experienced in working with all the common classification societies.


Combining performance and comfort

Ship Motion understands that our customers are aiming for the ultimate yachting experience.
You may want a no-compromises regatta sailing yacht, or a luxury yacht that offers you the finest marine experience.

That is why we present the best in luxury customization. The possibilities are unlimited:
from custom retractable propulsion units to hull and balcony doors and glass-walled promenade decks.

Ship Motion Design takes your design demands to the next level. Working closely with your team from the earliest design stages, we offer you the ultimate yachting solutions.


When the design stage is finished, our in-house staff handles the production and installation.


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