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Double involvement with 108ft carbon hi-tech racer/cruiser

With full satisfaction we look back on sailing yacht project WinWin which was delivered to her owner June 2014.

We were involved with the design of the descending bulkhead which is realized by RM Nautical. For this project we also designed, produced and installed the Retractable Propulsion System.

Descending saloon windows

Design study for a descending glass wall for a 30mtr sailing yacht.

This design demand includes an entrance door completely descending in the floor, together with the door frame. We also designed a sliding entrance hatch with this glass wall.

The difficultly in this design was the difference in deformation of the superstructure during sailing. 

Private hull balcony

We were asked to design a balcony door in the owners cabin.

Simplicity was one of the main goals for this design: A one button solution.
Hidden in this platform you can find special features like an automatically folding swimming ladder and a automatic handrail. 

Main entrance hull door

Together with Gurrit UK we designed this main entrance door in the hull of a 175ft sailing yacht.

At this position in a sailing yacht we had to deal with all the different loads, like sailing loads and the slamming of the waves. 
The visual expect of a door in this position is very important. Therefore we had a close cooperation with Design Unlimited UK.

Motion design 30mtr Motoryacht

For this 30mtr motor yacht we optimised the hull, including tunnel design for the propellers, a keel for stability and a bow thruster with minimum impact on the flow.

Together with that we designed the propulsion and rudder system.
We also integrated a complete stabilisation system from Ship Motion Products.