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The main reason for misalignment is inadequate measurement techniques and equipment, an improper machinery mount system or a quality reduction thereof during operation.

The alignment of a propulsion system can also be influenced by deformations in a vessel’s hull structure, caused by changes in the operating conditions. Misalignment will affect the lifetime of bearings, seals, couplings and other machinery parts and is the main reason for failure. Besides this, it will reduce the comfort level on board, experiencing noise, vibrations and will result in higher energy consumption.

Our engineers are working with the latest alignment and measuring equipment of FixturLaser, to guarantee fast en accurate measurements. The graphical user-interface saves time during the actual work and guides them throughout the entire measurement and adjustment or alignment process.

In addition of servicing our own products, we are a trusted partner to do alignment services for third parties.

We are specialized in:

- Alignment of propulsion systems

- Alignment of engine and gearbox configurations


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