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During the last years Ship Motion Design focused on the development of the absolute top in retractable propulsion systems and made this state-of-the-art product achievable as a standard product.


"Retracting your propulsion system will result in a total drag reduction from 4,6 to 10,2%"


Retracting your propulsion system will result in a total drag reduction from 4,6 to 10.2%, depending on sailing conditions and based on a single engine vessel. This drag reduction ensures a significant higher speed and increase of sailing performance. The performance and maneuverability during motoring are comparable to motor yacht standards. Ship Motion Products provides a standard range of Retractable Propulsion Systems for engine powers up to 650 kW. The designers of Ship Motion Design will fit the system to your yacht.



The design team involved with the development, trading and service of the Retractable Propulsion System is highly experienced. They have booked many successes in the Volvo Ocean Race since 2003 and other classes like TP 52. Besides the successful marine experiences the origin of the design team is based in the aircraft industry making it possible to succeed this challenge.

After a thorough marketing research Ship Motion Group concluded that there is a need for lightweight retractable propulsion systems especially for high performance sailing vessels, and fast motor vessels as auxiliary propulsion. With these demands in mind it was clear that a lightweight construction was one of the key design points of the system. Besides that, propulsion efficiency helps to reduce the total weight. This efficient design can also result in a higher total efficiency and a smaller power source and consequently smaller weight of the total system, including smaller fuel tanks etc.

We also paid a lot of attention to the reliability and maintainability of the system, knowing that lifting a vessel out of the water is a very costly endeavor. The design is also done in close corporation with classification society DNV, and will also match all the common classification societies. 



The result of the development of the Retractable Propulsion System is a system suitable for Carbon and Aluminum hulls. The system is mainly manufactured of high-grade titanium and carbon reinforced fibers.

The inventive construction and applied materials resulted in an outstanding weight of the total systems even in comparison with conventional propulsion systems.

To eradicate the water in the wetbox there is an air overpressure system that removes most of the water to reduce weight and improve buoyancy. When the system is in the deployed position there are devices in the door system ensuring an improvement of the hydrodynamic flow to the propeller. The propeller is custom designed and can be delivered in bronze, titanium or carbon fibre on request. The focus in the propeller design is on performance and next to that we use noise reducing design features to further improve the comfort level regarding vibration and noise.

The flow improving devices in combination with the custom designed propeller will ensure the highest achievable performance of your system.ʉ۬When the system is retracted, the hull is totally flush to ensure optimal sailing performance. The drive system is designed to give outstanding internal efficiency. We offer the owner the flexibility to equip the system with any kind of power source (mechanical, electrical, hydraulic).

The power source is isolated from The RPS to achieve the minimum on vibration and noise levels.



As we try to achieve with all our systems, The RPS will be delivered as a complete package.

This includes the delivery of the box to integrate in the hull structure. This will be done in close cooperation with the yard and design team of the vessel.

Furthermore the system will be delivered with a hydraulic manifold and control system.

Delivery will be completed with our support to the yard and installation by our field engineers to provide a system according to our standards.


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