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Gyro stabilizer

Ship Motion Group is proud to announce the cooperation with VEEM Australia for the representation of their Veem Gyro Systems for the Northern European territories.
The countries covered by Ship Motion Group include the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, Scandinavia as well as Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. 

VEEM Gyros are actively controlled vertical axis gyro stabilizers delivering excellent rolling motion attenuation while the vessel is at anchor, drifting, alongside, loitering or at transit speed. VEEM Gyros reduce rolling motions by up to an amazing 95%+ depending on the wave environment and vessel characteristics.


VEEM Gyros have been specifically developed for Superyachts and Patrol boats.


A VEEM Gyro installation can provide an exceptional complete roll stabilisation solution, both at rest and at speed. VEEM Gyros can also work seamlessly with other motion stabilisation systems, autopilot, dynamic positioning or heave compensation systems without any software interfacing.

The size and performance of the system depends upon the level of stabilisation desired, the wave environment and the vessel characteristics. VEEM will provide a customised assessment of a suitable solution for your vessel Ship Motion Group will help you with the enquiry. 

Any number of VEEM Gyros can be fitted to a vessel. The units can be located anywhere within the vessel that has adequate structural support to transmit the high loads generated into the vessel. They do not need to be located on vessel centreline and need not be located low in the vessel. Interfacing to a VEEM Gyro is simple. It requires only electrical power and cooling seawater, in one location. This is a significant advantage either at new building or as a retro-fit as the impact on the vessel is minimal. Structural support, space, electrical power and cooling water availability will often result in a location below decks or on main deck, somewhere aft of midships, but other locations are possible.

The VEEM active control system maximises roll reduction as sea and vessel running conditions vary. With active control, a smaller unit can provide the same performance as a larger passive gyro system. The active control system also ensures that the VEEM Gyro is safe to operate in all conditions.



  • VEEM’s passion for engineering excellence and manufacturing quality in every unit.
  • No dry docking required for maintenance.
  • Failsafe to passive operation in case of loss of control system power or error.
  • Patented Active control system to maximise performance and safety.
  • Can be mounted off centreline if required.
  • Can be mounted above main deck if required.
  • A single unit or multiple unit installation without any software adjustment. Just plug in and go.
  • Can be simply integrated with existing fins or active trim tabs.
  • Electronically controlled glycol cooling circuit maintains bearings and hydraulic oil at optimal temperatures even under extreme loads.
  • Flywheel and surrounding structure has infinite structural life for extreme safety.
  • Vibration sensors monitor bearing status and flywheel out-of-balance to provide advance warning of any issues.
  • Condition monitoring system provides advance notice of wear and tear to your computer or mobile device to allow scheduled maintenance.
  • Vibration and noise isolation mounts.
  • Simple interface to vessel: electrical power and cooling water.
  • No additional components like hydraulic power packs required. Just connect power and seawater.
  • Full colour touch screen display and control on the unit.
  • Repeater touch screens easily networked.
  • Proprietary marinised control and monitoring hardware.




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