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Flexible Coupling

The Ship Motion flexible coupling is a newly developed product using fiber composite material.
This technology was developed in the automotive industry and has been adapted to the particular requirements of marine applications.



By combining the latest development processes and many years of experience, we have been able to create the SMG flexible coupling in such a way that it can meet all necessary dynamic requirements. The low-maintenance and low-friction characteristics of this innovative coupling actively help to reduce the life cycle cost.

The SMG flexible coupling was designed as a modular kit with a range of 2,900 upto 71,600 Nm.
Applications out of this range can be designed and produced upon request.



Because of the motion between engine, transmission and the drive train, a flexible coupling is required to reduce vibration and noise levels. Acceleration and constant steady speed represent special requirements for this product over a long period.

The offset is equalized by means of a concentric fiber package. This ensure a reliable transmission of energy between engine, transmission and drive train. The core idea of this coupling lies precisely in these fiber packages, created from a bundle of synthetic fibers, together with other fiber packages, they permit torque transmission and the equalization of offsets.



The SMG flexible coupling has significant alignment tolerances and operating angles. 
This creates the possibility of installing softer mounts, resulting in a higher comfort level. 

The coupling has a low weight and a compact design making it suitable for almost every application.

Due to the construction the coupling is electrically insulating.



For more detailed information about the Ship Motion Products flexible coupling range, use the download files at the top of this page.


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