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VEEM Gyros welcome you to a new era of superyacht


Being aboard a Super Yacht should be an enjoyable experience from the moment you arrive to the second you step back onto dry land. Regardless of whether you are at anchor or underway, the comfort of you and your guests is always important. Wave motion is one of the few external forces which has the capacity to negatively impact your time on board, regardless of the size of your vessel. VEEM Gyros provide a powerful roll stabilizing torque without any additional drag. The VEEM Gyro offers an exciting opportunity to realize propulsive efficiency gains whilst enjoying the best stabilization solution available.

Last week an interesting article about Gyro stabilizers appeared in the July/August issue of Boote Exclusiv. To read the article or for more information about the VEEM Gyro stabilizers, you can visit our website : VEEM Gyro. The article of Boote Exclusiv can be found at the downloads section.