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Special mention by Boat Exlusive for RPS system

The Ship Motion Retractable Propulsion System (RPS) is mentioned as a highlight 1/15 in
Boat Exclusive, the English version of the leading German magazine Boote Exclusiv.

The two page article mentioned the highly efficient RPS system as one of the leading innovations 
of the last few years in the world of high performance yachts.

We are very proud of this article and would like to share it with you as it not only mentioned the system
as a development, but also the satisfied owners of the RPS system in their yachts.

It is the confirmation for all of us at Ship Motion Group that it has been much worthwhile to have made the
extensive development for this product, and we are confident that the future owners of yachts all over the world will consider to have our RPS installed.

If you want to read the articel please click this LINK